Golden Harp Taxi

Golden Harp Taxi, Burma
Yangon, Myanmar
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When you visit Myanmar, hire Golden Harp Taxi – and give former political prisoners a chance to rebuild their lives and support their families.

Political prisoners in Burma are released after years of detention, isolation and maltreatment with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

  • Golden Harp Taxi gives former political prisoners in Burma a fair chance to become economically self-sufficient and regain dignity.
  • Golden Harp Taxi offers reliable and safe transportation to foreign visitors and friends to Burma.
  • Golden Harp is the only taxi service that gives you a ride and accurate information on the ground about Burma’s political situation.
  • Golden Harp Taxi is a social entrepreneurship program for former political prisoners to work as taxi drivers and tour guides throughout Burma.
  • Golden Harp Taxi operates like a micro credit bank. Former political prisoners are eligible for $800 USD start up credit to rent a taxi. The loan is paid back with no interest within 12-18 months.
  • Golden Harp brings you to unique places and people in their network. Each Golden Harp member contributes $18 USD to the Golden Harp micro-credit fund to extend a loan to another former political prisoner.
Languages Spoken
Myanmar (Burmese), English
Golden Harp Taxi, Burma 5 years ago
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